Alex Thompson

I'm a software engineer working at Visa. I hold a master’s degree in computer science from the University of San Francisco.

Lately, I've been building iOS/iPadOS apps with Swift and SwiftUI.

NTMY - Nice to Meet You

Save and share all your online profiles


NTMY is pretty simple, it makes sharing your online profiles quick and simple. You can easily share all your profiles together as a contact card or share a profile individually.
Now you can have all your profiles in one convenient place, no more searching through multiple apps to find share links or looking through your old notes.


  • All your profiles in one place - NTMY is one place to store all your profiles. Add username, URL, and/or notes about any profile.
  • Quick and easy sharing - Allows you to share a single profile, or share all of them together as a contact card. Contact cards can easily be merged into existing contacts, or turned into new contacts.
  • iCloud sync - NTMY uses iCloud to effortlessly persist and sync your data between all of your devices.
  • Dark mode - NTMY supports both dark and light mode, and syncs with you system preferences.
  • Profiles - Built in profiles include: Discord, GitHub, Playstation ID, Steam, Switch Friend Code, Venmo, Xbox. There’s also an option to add your own custom services.
Dowload on the App Store